Mary Jo Rathgeb | Life Transitions Coach

I am passionate about creating transformational change and spiritual inspiration. The journey of self-discovery is an important part of being human, it’s helps us find out place and purpose in the world. My work with individuals who want to live their best version has proved to me that we ALL have the capacity to see ourselves as the beautiful unique beings we are, capable of experiencing love, joy and greatness.  The Mojo Journey Program has been developed to put you on your path to finding your authentic self, to get clear on your vision and bring that vision to life.

I offer a FREE Discovery session to show you a glimpse of the REAL you. I will introduce you to the sides of yourself that run the daily routine in your life and pull back the curtain to see what is possible. My readings will allow you to take your first step towards getting that spiritual awakening as human beings we crave, to be the best version of ourselves living with purpose and meaning.  Once you have had your reading and you receive a new level of understanding about yourself and the world, you are ready to take the Mojo journey Program and build on this new spiritual awakening. If you feel that this is your time to find that confidence to be yourself, then join me for a discovery session to start today.  I look forward to connecting with you soon and uncover that unique human design within you.