Personal Development Coach

It is time to empower yourself, challenge your strengths and enhance your skills. Self-Development is perfect for people who are feeling stuck, or feeling a little lost in their careers or relationships. It may sometimes feel like your are standing at the crossroads of your life.

What is Personal Development Coach?

A Personal Development Coach creates an individual-focused program that is based on your goals. It is unique to each person as it will be a mix of the human design reading, your skills, your ability to adapt through life transitions and interests. A personal development coach, makes sure that you are able to handle difficult situations, cope with traumatic events and not forget to celebrate small to big wins.

What Is Life Transition Coaching?

A Personal development coach will help you think outside the box and push you further. Mary Jo will push your limits and take you outside your comfort zone to help you to develop a growth mindset.

A personal development coach will also help you identify your weaknesses. The process can be very confronting, but it will help you acknowledge what is needed to improve. Strengths will also be discussed and nurtured. It is all about you maximizing your potential and be at the top of your game in life or relationships, through understanding these strengths and weaknesses.

Why Do I need Personal Development?

Every person evolves. It is a never-ending process. If you look back to how you were 10 years ago and who you are now, you will know there is a massive difference on how you talk, how you interact with people. Personal development is personal improvement. It is about being a better you, having better goals and putting things in perspective to reach them.

Going through the personal development will boost your confidence and self-awareness. It helps you look at different aspects of your life that may need to change based on the human design chart.

Once you’ve gone through my program and processes, and it will greatly increase your self awareness which leads to increased confidence and contentment.