Grief Counselling

The feeling of grief after a loss of someone important to you is one of the most challenging and difficult experiences you can go through. It can be overwhelming, shocking, and could make you feel disoriented. There would be times that you will struggle to come to terms with your loss and wonder if you can get over it and move on. And that’s where Grief Counselling can help.

One way or another, most of us have suffered the loss of a loved one, either a family member, a friend, someone we don’t know personally but we have an emotional connection with. And as we age, all of us will likely encounter this experience which can sometimes be devastating.

I’m Mary Jo, I’m your Personal Development Coach, offering you Grief Counselling. Let’s talk more about your journey to healing!

Some people are shy to admit that they need help. But let me tell you this: GRIEF IS NORMAL. MOVING ON IS A PROCESS.

Everyone deals with grief in different forms and processes. And as your Grief Counselor, I acknowledge that. My grief is different from yours and to anyone else and there are no right or wrong ways of grieving. Grief Counselling will help you release your emotions as the first step to healing.

Grief Counselling: The Mojo Journey

Don’t be afraid to take that first step as I will be with you along the way of your journey to acceptance and healing. I have developed The Mojo Journey of Grief Counselling to help you in the process.

Step 1: Embracing the Feeling

Some may feel that grieving over someone or something for a long time is not normal and shouldn’t be happening. However, it’s okay not to feel okay. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Grief counselling will help you embrace and accept the feeling.

Step 2: Accepting the Loss

Acceptance is key as they say but it can be challenging.But once you’ve done it, your next steps will be smoother. Grief Counselling will guide you on your road to accepting and dealing with loss and the pain that comes with it. Knowing the difference between accepting a loss and accepting the feeling, pain, and grief over the loss will help you move on.

Step 3: Working Through the Pain

Now that you’ve accepted that loss comes with different overwhelming feelings, Grief Counselling will help you in working through the pain. There will be moments where you will go back to the step one because you just can’t move on yet, but that’s okay. This is the process of working through it. The time will come where the memories of what or who has been lost become lighter and less intense. It will then become a memory that will be so beautiful,and you can it carry with you.

Step 4: Completing the Fight

This is the last step of The Mojo Journey of Grief Counselling. In this step, you will realize that loss is a normal process and you just can’t get away from this reality. Some phases of loss will stay with you forever, but it shouldn’t deter you from moving forward with your life. This will also help you to adapt and adjust to finally move on with what you currently have while carrying the beautiful memories of the person you lost.

career transition support coachMary Jo: Your Personal Development Coach

More than anyone, Mary Jo knows and feels your pain! As someone who was widowed at 43, Mary Jo understands firsthand what it is like to move from one identity to another, such as being married to being single to being partnered again.

Mary Jo developed a process she calls the Mojo Journey. It starts as an inner journey which helps releasing the blocks that are holding people back and tapping into their inner core which results in sharing their gifts externally.

Her mission is to help people learn to love and accept themselves – the good, the bad and the ugly – so they are free to be who they truly are — not someone they think they are supposed to be. Then they become willing to openly share their gifts with the world.

Send me a message and let’s start with your Mojo Journey now!

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