Do you find yourself habitually stuffing down your anger, sadness, pain, or fear? Do you struggle to align with the experience of joy and trust, and find yourself repeating the same old patterns, even when you know you want to change? Is this behavior leading to a disconnection from others, yourself, and your life?

If you are nodding in agreement, the answer lies in doing the counterintuitive thing.
Instead of avoiding the painful feelings, the solution is to move towards them!

I invite you to befriend your shadow emotions!

Yes, you read that correctly! By befriending your shadow emotions, you shine a light on them, and begin to see them clearly. What gets illuminated, in addition to your fears and pain, are joy, a sense of connection, opening to possibility, peace, wonder, and awe.Surprisingly, our shadows are not all negative, they are also filled with golden gifts that we inadvertently stuffed along with all we avoided. As a Life Transition Coach and Certified RIM Facilitator, I have witnessed clients who after befriending their shadow emotions, rediscover a passion and joy for life, feel connected and supported, and more aligned with their authentic selves. In this supportive e-guide, you’ll learn 5 reasons to befriend your shadow emotions.

I’m Mary Jo, I’m your Life Transitions Coach, offering you Mary Jo Rathgeb, Life Transitions Coach, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified RIM Facilitator, iPEC Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and Human Design Consultant, Mary Jo helps clients shine a light on their shadow emotions so they can reclaim the energy and wisdom contained within. As the founder of Creative Directions for Living, LLC., I hold
the space for, and expertly guides, women who are ready to release people-pleasing and perfectionism so they can create a life that aligns with their authentic self.

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